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Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

Our client feedback speaks for itself

Our client feedback speaks for itself

“Falco Technology Solutions has seamlessly taken over our day-to-day IT operations. They handle critical tasks
like system maintenance, software updates, and troubleshooting without disrupting our staff delivering important and critical services.
Falco are a reliable partner who ensures everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. They are guns at leveraging Microsoft technology to achieve high levels of efficiency. Whether it’s Azure for cloud services or Microsoft 365 for productivity tools, Falco knows how to make the most of these solutions.
Security is a top priority for Falco. They’ve implemented robust measures to protect our systems and data. Regular vulnerability assessments, proactive threat detection, and timely patch management minimise the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches.
With Falco, we feel confident that our technology is secure. But beyond the technical aspects, it’s the relationship they’ve built with us that truly stands out. Byron and the team takes the time to understand our unique needs, communicate transparently, and provide personalised support.
It’s more than a vendor-client relationship; it’s a partnership that adds value to our business.”

Damien Hern
Executive Manager, Finance – Sonder Care

“Falco IT has been an invaluable partner for our company for the past 8 years. Their team’s expertise and responsiveness have consistently helped us navigate various tech issues effectively, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal performance. We greatly appreciate their support in keeping our systems running smoothly.

Importantly, Falco IT has been proactive in keeping us updated with new technology, providing innovative solutions tailored to our needs. Their commitment to security has been particularly impressive. Falco IT has implemented robust cybersecurity measures, protecting our sensitive data from potential threats and ensuring compliance with industry standards.
The value-added benefits they’ve brought to our organization are significant. From seamless integration of advanced technologies to continuous monitoring and maintenance, Falco IT has enhanced our operational efficiency and overall business resilience. Their personalized approach and dedication to our success make them a reliable and trusted resource.”

Brett Towers

Chief Commercial Officer – Taylor Street Advisory

Our company employs various IT systems, including an online subscription service. Falco has
collaborated with us and our developers to synchronize our systems and leverage the Microsoft suite where possible.
Falco has significantly contributed to our cyber risk management by detecting suspicious activities and preventing potential cyberattack consequences. They conduct regular phishing simulations to keep our staff alert.
We’re impressed with their ticketing support service and the speed at which they address our IT problems.
The monthly reports are invaluable for our board, and Falco has been consistently accommodating our needs in this area.

Kath Bowler
General Manager – Holley Nethercote

To deliver our digital transformation and cloud migration strategy, we partnered with Falco.
They successfully migrated our corporate office and entire retail store network from legacy on-premise systems to a serverless cloud solution.
The passion of the Falco team to partner with their customers is truly commendable.
Their dedication, expertise, and proactive approach ensured a seamless transition and minimal disruption to our operations.
We are extremely satisfied with the outcomes and look forward to continuing our partnership with Falco.

Wally Nasser
IT Manager – Clark Rubber Franchising

“Falco have done a fantastic job of seamlessly migrating our system into the cloud. 
We have been able to switch off our old on-premises server and now have reliable up to date technology for the team to work with from any location. 
The friendly helpdesk is fantastic, provide an excellent service and it’s great that they can always be easily contacted. 
We now don’t have to worry that the server or the phones may go down and the business can be always online and an added bonus of being more cost effective too. 
I would recommend Falco to look after any business, you know that you’re in safe and reliable hands.”

Lesley Mitchell
TBA Protective Technologies

“I’m delighted to endorse Falco Managed Services. Over the course of our three-year partnership, Falco has provided outstanding IT support and security services, consistently surpassing our expectations.
Their involvement has been transformative, shifting us from an on-premise IT structure to a highly efficient cloud-based infrastructure. This move has not only reduced our operational costs but has significantly increased system uptime and reliability, further proving their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge solutions for enhanced service delivery.
The Falco team, proactive and highly skilled, have been a crucial partner in these transformative changes, always ready to offer expert solutions and ensure smooth transitions.
Falco’s unparalleled commitment to security, backed by their robust protocols, is truly remarkable. They have managed to significantly reduce our security threats, assuring us that our data and systems are well-protected.
In summary, Falco Managed Services represents the pinnacle of reliable, efficient, and secure IT solutions. Their excellent customer service and unwavering support have been invaluable to us at Acrow Formworks. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any organization seeking to transform their IT infrastructure for better efficiency and security.”

Matthew Riley
Head Of IT – Acrow Formworks

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